The first car I ever drove was a red on red Triumph TR3 that my dad owned. It’s also the car I took my driver’s test in and the first car I ever wrecked in competition. I turned it on its lid in a hill climb at the critical point where I ran out of driving talent.

Of all the modern Triumphs, the Michelotti-penned TR4 is my hands-down favorite. There is a crispness in the body design and a willingness in the engine that, to me, define what a sporting car should be—lean of line, with good performance and fun to drive. The same could be said for the Spitfires and the GT6s, the latter of which is another one of those must-have cars for me.

Will there be another TR3 in my future? I certainly hope so, but it would have to be red with a red interior and overdrive. Ah, the sins of youth!

Group 44 Triumph TR250


When I was teenager growing up in Southern California, once a month (or so), the Triumph Sportscar Owners Association newsletter would arrive in the mailbox. For a young man growing up in the SoCal car culture of the 60s the TSOA was a salacious a publication as there was—often filled with the racing exploits of Bob Tullius and his other Group 44 drivers. I learned to drive in a ’61 TR3 that my dad owned (red on red w/overdrive) and with every story of Bob winning a race or championship I imagined myself up on the wheel of my own TR, dueling with all of those foolish enough to challenge my imagined dominance on the track. Alas, while I may have turned a few hot laps in my day, they were nothing compared to the racing perfection of the Group 44 cars.

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Group 44 Triumph TR8


Built over the course of just a few months, the Group 44 Triumph TR8 was an immediate success, winning the 1979 Watkins Glen endurance race by a handy 13 laps. This, after just two previous days of tracking testing and 10 hours in a wind tunnel. The following year, Bob Tullius and Bill Adam wheeled the TR8 to a GTO class win at the 12 Hours of Sebring. Currently under the stewardship of Mr. Bill Warner (of Amelia Island Concours fame), the TR8 is still being raced regularly in vintage events.

Huffaker Triumph TR8


“This Huffaker TR8 was the last Triumph SCCA race car commissioned by the Jaguar-Rover-Triumph Group. It was completed in May 1980, and first competed at the SCCA June Sprints at Laguna Seca Raceway. It ran seven events during the 1980 season driven by Lee (Mother) Mueller, including the SCCA Runoffs at Road Atlanta where it finished in fifth place in C Production. In February 1982, Joe Huffaker Jr. drove this car to 1st Place at his SCCA Driver’s School.” ~ Huffaker Motorsports