The Saint Lives On

Completed 1800E

I have several memories of the Volvo P1800. The first is of a pale blue model owned by a neighbor during my high school years in SoCal. It looked pretty exotic to a car crazy teenager and always thought I’d like to own one someday. The second, and equally enduring memory is of the character Simon Templar (played by the irrepressible Roger Moore) tooling around in his 1800—a great car for a suave super agent to drive.

Not purely a sports car, the P1800, 1800S, 1800E, and 1800ES were more sports tourers with reasonable, but not breathtaking, power, plenty of creature comforts and, of course, excellent Swedish build quality, excepting the first two years of production which were built by Jensen. Even today, the 1800’s lines have weathered well and I would love to finally get my chance to own one.

My Volvo 1800 artwork is available in all models in any of the factory color combinations along with a number of accessories and period upgrades with which you can further personalize your print. Limited edition prints are offered as:

A limited number of signed and numbered of prints are available as:

  • Framed or unframed archival pigment prints on acid-free paper using naturally pigmented inks in sizes 22″ x 16″ or 30″ x 20″
  • On canvas in size 30″ x 20″ (framed only)
  • On brushed aluminum in size 47″ x 23″
  • As large-scale, backlit or unlit, displays in sizes up to 40′ long (custom order only)

From $319