The Amelia Concours 2023

After a two year hiatus (one year for Covid, a second for a bit of medical issue), I’m finally headed back to The Amelia concours and happy to be going south in early March with winter still likely to be hanging up her in the great white north. This year I’ll be exhibiting new art from my Shadow and Light collection along with a number of old favorites, some lenticular art I collaborated on with photographer Bill Pack, a sample of my dye-sublimated print work, a few brushed aluminum pieces and a couple of new canvas prints. Unlike previous years where I was in the Talbot pre-event space, you can me set up in the Plaza II room along with a number of other artists. it should be an awesome show!

You can preview a few of the artworks that will be on display in the Amelia 2023 Exhibit Catalog. It’s not all that I’m bringing but should be enough to give you the flavor of things.

If you’re planning to come by and see me, shoot me an email to let me know and we can set up a time when I can walk you through the exhibit. Looking forward to seeing you there in just a few weeks!