Afterpay Payment Plan Now Available

If you have purchased art from me before, you know that I use Square as my credit card processor. I’ve used others before including Elavon, Paypal, and Stripe but, for me, Square has always provided the most reliable service at a fair rate. So I was more than a little nervous when they were recently purchased by Intuit (think Quickbooks). My relationship with Square has been solid and I wasn’t anxious for changes that I suspected would be coming.

Like many outfits that sell online, I’m always on the lookout for better ways to transact business, ways that will benefit my customers and Square has just come through with something that may be a game changer.  The have just introduced a new purchasing service called Afterpay that lets you break up your purchase into equal payments without either you or me having paying any interest. Bam! That’ll work!

It might not make a ton of sense to use Afterpay to purchase a single print but, for larger pieces of art like my brushed aluminum prints or large scale fabric displays it will make managing the cost just a bit easier. So go ahead and give it a try on that piece of art you’ve been waiting to buy. And let me know what your experience was like by including a comment on your experience.