Shadow and Light

When you collaborate with other artists, it’s hard to not be influenced by their work. Maybe it’s the approach, or some bit of technique that begins to find its way into your own art. In the case of the new Shadow and Light collection, I was directly influenced by my good friend, photographer and master of painting with light, Bill Pack. While not strictly a “car guy”, Bill has nonetheless taken the art of automotive photography to completely new heights with work so unique that, upon seeing it, one instantly recognizes the artist.

Shadow and Light is a departure from my more typical cutaway style and introduces a heavy dose of drama into my art, giving each car and its salient details, an opportunity to be represented in a more artful way. How many will I draw? I really don’t know right now. Like many of my collections, this one started out as an art study with no intention of printing or selling any of the work but the response has been so universally positive (and a bit overwhelming) that I decided to go ahead and print 10 each of the GT350, Ford MKIV, Gurney Eagle, and the most recent Group 44 Jaguar XJS. Beyond those I only have two others queued up to be work on—the 1967 Ferrari 312 of Lorenzo Bandini and the 1963 (or maybe 1965) Corvette Grand Sport. After that, I have no idea where this might go.

Acid-free, archival fine art prints, framed or unframed, are available starting at $329 (+ shipping). Print size is 16″ x 32″. I’ll also be offering brushed aluminum prints, sized 15 1/2″ x 31 1/2″ for $695 (+ shipping from Omaha, Nebraska).

Shadow and Light CollectionFrom $329