Pebble Beach Concours Run

My week in Monterey, California at the Automobilia Monterey event wasn’t all work and no play. After working our fannies off for the first part of the week, Doug Buchanan from Garage Graphics and I took off at 6:30AM on Thursday morning to watch the cars head out on the annual Pebble Beach Concours Run down to Carmel and back. While not every car from the concours participated, there were beautiful (and rare) cars everywhere, cars I may never see again in my lifetime and many I certainly have never seen before.

It was truly spectacular. Where else would see not one but three Ferrari Testa Rosas in one place? Or three Tuckers? Including Doug’s grandfather’s Tucker Torpedo lovingly restored by the folks at the Petersen Museum.

So kick back, relax, and enjoy the show. And, after you’ve been wowed by all the cool cars, check out While I can’t help you put one of these incredible machines in your garage, I CAN help you put a picture of one up on your wall.

Monterey Concours Run