Painting With Light

I became acquainted with Bill Pack’s photography through Garage Graphics where we’re both contributing artists and was immediately drawn to his unique style and the technique he calls, “painting with light”. However you want to describe his process, the results are truly stunning and unlike any other automotive art photography.

Bill has curated a selected number of his images into a collection,—V12 Automotive Art Volume One—bound into a hard cover coffee table book for which he is in pursuit of funding to complete the printing. Designed by Lionel Ferreira of Ferreira Design Company, the book itself is a work of art and—with its open spine and leather covers—something you want to hold for the tactile experience as much as for the images.

There are many exceptional automotive photographers in the world. I’m privileged to know a few. But it’s a rare thing when a photographer creates a look that is immediately identifiable as his own. A look that is without a doubt, art. Bill Pack has done that. The first time I saw his work it stopped me in my tracks. And now we have the opportunity to hold it in our hands as a book. Treat yourself. ~ Dwight Knowlton – Author, illustrator and founder of Carpe Viam

I’m encouraging you to give Bill’s book and Kickstarter campaign your consideration. Contributions to the campaign are not without reward as each level delivers something—from computer wallpapers to a full-on commission—with V 12 Automotive Art Volume One books being earned for as little as an $85 contribution. You can learn more about Bill, his technique and check out more of Bill’s work on his Garage Graphics page.