On To Monterey!

The Monterey Motorsports Reunion ranks was one of the true extravaganzas in the vintage motorsport hobby. As if the racing weren’t enough, there are several first rate auctions, the Pebble Beach Concours, the annual Quail event, and Automobilia featuring the work of some incredible artists and craftsmen from around the hobby. I have been working on getting myself out there for the past few years but time and events have conspired to keep me away. This year’ isn’t any different but, like last year, my work will be ably represented by Doug Buchanan and his Garage Graphics outfit which will be debuting a life-sized backlit print of my recently complete Gurney signature 1967 GT40 illustration. Last year Doug was kind enough to include my 1963 Jaguar Cunningham artwork in his display and it drew rave reviews so I’m thinking the GT40—a much better known machine—should get a positive response.

I haven’t seen the art in person (yet) but I have seen photographs and, if there even kind of close, the real deal should be spectacular. so, if you just happen to be on the West Coast in mid-August, make it a point to visit the Monterey area around the 21st of the month. Stop in and see Doug and the GT40. Then stick around some truly spectacular vintage racing starting on the 23rd. You’ll be glad you did.