OAC1—What Might Have Been

No, you’re not seeing things. That’s actually one of my illustrations but drawn in reverse at the request of David Matthews for a project he’s working on. OAC1 is the sister car to Donald Healey’s personal coupe, ONX113.

Here it’s depicted as it might have been seen after just departing Jensen and well before it met with several unseemly “modifications” including having its roof removed at one point and a six-cylinder installed at another.

The solid Healey Blue is sure to spark some debate among those most familiar with it being shown—either as in the original design drawing with a dark blue roof and light lower, or as in one of the popular photos showing it with the colors reversed—dark blue body and light blue roof. That said, I’m told the colors shown here are the same as listed on the car’s Heritage Certificate—solid Healey Blue with dark navy interior.

It was fun, and unexpectedly challenging to draw as not only did I need to illustrate left side bits that would be unseen in my more standard right-hand views, but all of the handed parts had to be reflected to show them in correct orientation. I started by simply mirroring my original illustration of ONX113 but, in the end, it was faster (and more accurate) to simply start afresh and build the car up as I might any other.

While I am rather partial to the red coupe, this is example in Healey Blue is really outstanding. A limited run of 25 prints will be available in the next few days. And, before I start being deluged with requests, this is the one, and only, time I’ll be showing a car left-facing.

For more information or to order a limited edition fine art print of OAC1 visit: http://sportscarart.site/produ…/austin-healey-100-coupe/