(not so) Heavy Metal

Making magic with brushed aluminum or…I get a heavy dose of humility.

Meeting up with Doug Buchanan at Garage Graphics may turn out to be one of the more seminal moments in SCA’s young history. For several months he’d been trying to convince me to print one of my illustrations on brushed aluminum. Maybe it’s what’s left of the traditionalist in me but, I not only firmly resisted, I uncharitably likened it to the automotive equivalent of Elvis paintings on black velvet.

At a recent trip to Omaha to go over some of the large format work he prints, Doug surprised me with this 24″ x 48″ version of my recent Gurney Eagle illustration printed on…yep, brushed aluminum. Well, shut my mouth. The guy knows his stuff and the Eagle on aluminum is just incredible. These pictures really don’t do it justice—in person, the exhaust looks so real like you could burn your hand on it.

Each print comes ready to hang. No frames, no glass, no nothing. Just unpack and adorn your walls. And, what self-respecting car guy wouldn’t like art on metal?

Brushed aluminum prints come in two sizes—23″ x 49″ or 29″ x 59″ and ship via UPS or FedEx. They are available for any of the illustrations in my current catalog. I haven’t had time to complete the listings on the web site but you can order one of the composite prints by e-mailing your details.

From $625 – $825, press runs – 25. Please call or e-mail to order.