New Print Sizes, Prices

Over the years, I’ve fooled around with various dimensions for my illustrations but always came back to a basic 2:1 format (24″ x 12″, 36″ x 18″), in part because I felt those dimensions looked right for the art and in part because it helped maximize paper use. In recent months I’ve been encouraged by several knowledgeable folks to do two things: 1) adopt a more standard print format and 2) use a pricing model that’s more in line with what my kind of art typically sells for.

Frankly, I wasn’t just resistant at first, I was outright opposed to both ideas. Over time, I’ve come around and have taken the plunge into a whole new world of sizing and pricing. The net results will be prints that fit a more standard framing model of 3:2 (think 22″ x 16.5″ and 30″ x 20″) and pricing that is based on the linear standard accepted in most of the art world and which, in the end, means a better value for those who buy my art.

Limited Edition Duetto Print

The Changes

  • Sizes—The two new print sizes are 22″ x 16.5″ and 30″ x 20″. Both fit the more standard 3:2 ratio preferred in the art community.
  • Pricing—Pricing is now calculated by the linear inch—(length + height) x $ which is one of the standard pricing metrics in the art world (area x $ and cost of materials plus time being the other two).
  • Open Edition Prints—These are the same illustrations I print for my limited editions, brushed aluminum, and dye-sublimated prints, but unsigned and unnumbered. The pigment prints are still printed on a very high quality paper but not on the acid-free, archival substrate I use for limited editions.
  • Limited Edition Prints—These are numbered and signed, naturally pigmented prints on acid-free archival paper that include a Certificate of Authenticity. Limited edition prints are available in either 22″ x 16.5″ or 30″ x 20″ sizes with framing available for the 22″ x 16.5″ size.
  • Shipping—International and national shipping are now included in the purchase price for unframed open edition and limited edition prints in either size as well as framed limited edition prints in the 22″ x 16.5″ size.

The net result of all of this reconfiguration is that I’ve been able to reduce the price of my smaller open edition prints to $129 (down from $169) providing more access for folks who just think it’s cool art (and don’t give a hang whether I’ve signed it or not) while producing better value for collectors or the more art conscious who prefer limited edition work.

Thanks for bearing with me over the years while this old dog learned some new tricks. I resisted for a long time but believe this produces the most value for all of my customers and patrons.

PLEASE READ! For those of you who are legacy customers and would like to continue purchasing prints in the old sizes—24″ x 12″ or 18″ x 36″, you may continue to do so. Just let me know by adding a message in the Special Instructions box on the order form or by shooting me an email.