New! Evolution Prints!

My new Sports Car Art Evolution print series profiles fourteen of the most iconic British sports cars including the Jaguar XKs and E-Type, MG T-series, MGA, MGB, MG Midget, Triumph TR3, Triumph TR4, Spitfire, GT6, Austin-Healey Sprite, Austin Healey 100, Austin-Healey 100-6, and Austin-Healey 3000. Evolution prints are sized 22″ x 29″ and are printed on art quality, high definition matte paper using naturally pigmented inks for rich, vibrant color.

Press runs will be limited to 100 for each model and a deposit feature ($25) has been added to permit you to reserve a poster(s) ahead of their projected print date (deposit feature is not available on current stock, all print dates are subject to change without notice). The balance and mailing costs will be due upon shipment. Posters are shipped in sturdy cardboard mailing tubes vis USPS 2-Day Priority mail within the continental United States and via USPS First Class International mail to most places throughout the world.

  • Jaguar XK — From the XK120 to the XK140 and then to the XK150, one of Jaguars most successful cars. Available now
  • Jaguar E-Type — It’s evolution from the C-Type through the D-Type and, ultimately, to the E-Type. Available now
  • Triumph TR3 — From its uninspiring beginning as the 20TS to its success as the TR2 and TR3. Available now
  • Triumph TR4 — One of Giovanni Michelotti’s most inspiring designs from TR4 through TR6. Available now
  • MGA — What many consider to be the MG car company’s first, truly modern design—from the 1500 through the 1600 MKII. Available now
  • MGB — MGs first unibody design and one of the best selling British sports cars of all time—from 1962 through 1980. Available now
  • MG Midget — The might Midget was one of MGs most durable cars and lived on until 1980.Available the week of 12/7
  • MG T Series — From the MG TC, the car that arguably started the post-war sports craze, through the TF. Available now
  • Austin-Healey 100 — From Gerry Coker’s original design for the Austin-Healey. Available now
  • Austin-Healey 100-6 — The 100 gets 6-cylinder power and things are never the same again. Available the week of 12/7
  • Austin-Healey 3000 — The “Big Healey” evolves into a grand tourer. Available now
  • Austin-Healey Sprite — From the “frogeye” through the MKIV the Sprite may have been everyman’s sports car. Available the week of 12/7
  • Triumph Spitfire — Michelotti supplies Triumph with another brilliant design—from the MKI through the 1500. Available the week of 12/15
  • Triumph GT6 — Triumph’s pocket GT from the MKI through the MKIII. Available the week of 12/15

Evolution Posters: Price —$65, press run —100 each title