New! Canvas Prints

One of the biggest challenges with shipping framed art isn’t actually keeping it safe. I conquered that challenge a while back with the investing in the Art Safe shipper. No, the biggest problem has always been the cost of shipping. Both of the most common carriers—Federal Express and United Parcel Service—have restrictions on the dimensional weight of shipments and impose some hefty oversize fees once those limits are exceeded. In practical terms, this has meant that the maximum size of framed and matted artwork I could reasonably send out has been limited to my 22″ x 16″ archival prints which frame out to around 32″ x 26″ depending on which frame is used (I offer both hardwood and aluminum).

But not any more! Thanks to the addition of canvas prints to my offerings wI can now ship out a 30″ x 20″ framed print in the same container I use for the framed archival work. And, the canvas adds a textural dimension to my work that really appeals to my artistic sensibilities. Why not offer canvas sooner? In the past, I’ve shied away from the canvas reproductions because I wasn’t 100% happy with the results—the printing or the stretching. That all changed when my printer friends changed their set up and began working with me to adjust my files to provide a truly world-class output.

Canvas prints include the frame so they’re ready to hang right out the box and you can purchase any of my work as a print on canvas although I’m just getting the option added to the website. So, if your selected illustration doesn’t yet show a canvas option, just shoot me an email and I can invoice you directly.