New Artists Exhibition

While I’m a reasonably familiar presence around vintage car shows and have work hanging in several museums, I’ve never actually never been juried into a fine art exhibit—until now. Earlier this month I was asked by the Chaffee Art Center to submit work for consideration to be included in an exhibit featuring new artists. Like several other experiences involving my work—having Gerry Coker review my Austin-Healey art or sending the newly completed Gurney eagle images to Dan and Evi Gurney—I was crazy excited at the idea, sent the work out, then sat back and asked myself, “What did I just do?”

But what’s done is done and, starting September 28th, you’ll be able to find three pieces of my art hanging among the abstracts, still lifes, and figure studies of other emerging artists. I guarantee my stuff will be easy to spot…I’ll be only one there whose subjects are cars. Should be quite an event and, of you happen to be up Rutland, Vermont way sometime between the end of September and end of October, I’m sure the Chaffee would appreciate you stopping in to see what they’ve assembled. I know I would.