Jaguar XK140 Prints

When the Jaguar XK120 was introduced in 1948, it was an immediate sensation with automotive journalists clamoring to drive and report on the new sports car. Few cars have made as much impact on automotive style as did the Jaguar XK120, 140 and 150. With their sleek lines and dual overhead cam engines the were the perfect combination of grace and power—all covered in sleek coachwork using the best materials of the day.

While the roadster models were quite popular with the celebrities of the day as well as coveted by the race set for various competitions, the fixed head coupe that embodies the role of grand tourer, adding luxury to the Jaguar’s already ample style and speed. The coupe also offered the convenience of wind-down windows and exterior door handles lacking in the roadster. The cabin, if not spacious, was well appointed with its leather seating and walnut trim. To ease entry and egress, the coupe was provided with wider doors than the roadster. The very small rear window was in the style of the day.

Whichever version you prefer—open two seater, fixed head coupe, or drop head coupe—it’s a lucky man who owns and drives one of these magnificent machines.

The Sports Car Art limited edition fine art print comes well-appointed with:

  • steel wheels
  • no fender skirts
  • standard steering wheel
  • standard gearbox

You may enhance your illustration with any number of options including:

  • overdrive gearbox
  • Enot’s petrol cap
  • Lucas spot lamps
  • fender skirts
  • wire wheels

among other period and factory accessories.

If you would like your print in a non-factory color combination, please note so in the Special Instructions box and be sure to upload a few photos of your XK120 for my reference. Order here.