Jaguar MKII Project

As part of the 50th anniversary of the Jaguar MKII, I was invited by Peter Crespin at the Jaguar Journal to provide a three-part series showing the progress of my anniversary illustration from start to finish. The final issue (available around holiday time) will include a center spread of the finished work which subscribers are welcome to remove and frame.

Once complete, a limited edition version (100 prints) will be available as either an archival print—sizes 12′ x 24″—or as a brushed aluminum print—sizes 23″ x 47″ or 28″ x 56″ in your choice of interior/exterior colors including accessories and options of your choice. Expected availability is sometime in late November or early December.

Part 1— All of my drawings begin with a reference outline, followed by penning in the basic body work, wheels and tires. I also sketch in at least a temporary background so it gives me some reference for what the completed illustration might look like. In this case, I also dropped in some temporary drivetrain bits and began the interior panels so I could get a feel for the relative position of the rest of the mechanical and interior components. All of the temporary pieces will get exchanged for the actual parts a bit later int the illustration.

Part 2 —With the basic drawing pretty much in shape, I turned my attention to creating the contours and curves in the sheet metal, adding in the basic highlights and shadows. From there I went on to complete the interior details—seats, door cards and hardware along with the center console, dash, and instruments. Lastly, I dropped in the correct engine, gearbox and the rest of the drivetrain and suspension. Next up are all of the little things that really finish the illustration.

Part 3 — Because this is getting published before the actual article comes out in print, I’m going to demure from describing what happened next. For that, you’ll need to pick up a copy of Jaguar Journal next month and read about it there. There’s also the story of my very brief affair with a Mark 2 from back in the day. An entertaining read.

Lastly, if you’re interested in picking up an illustration of your very own MK2, I have all years available in all of the factory exterior and interior colors along with a short list of period accessories. Archival prints from $165 + shipping. 

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