How to Draw A Cutaway

Recently I was chided for not having, in the opinion of the chider, sufficiently protected my illustration work from potential neer-do-wells…even though all of it is covered copyright and the logo is a registered trademark. I was a bit bewildered by the remark…and also a bit irked so, in reply I said, “You know you’re right. Anyone with a solid working knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, above average mechanical knowledge, and about 40 years of experience could whip one of these out in about 150 hours or so.”

But it got me thinking about putting together a simple DIY spoof on the whole business. Like many ideas, this one never went anywhere until…a customer who I often share pre-publish drawings with remarked on how cool the PDF file I sent him was. The files are large and it seemed his computer couldn’t open the file all at once but did so in layers. Kind of like fanning a deck of cards. The effect was as if he was watching me build the illustration. Well that sealed the deal and I knew I just had to try and make it into a video clip. Turn the sound up. The music is a hoot.

So, without any further adieu…