Honda RA 300—Pedal to the Metal

Here are a couple of unedited images of the Honda RA300 printed on the new brushed aluminum composite material using translucent inks.

The results are just amazing. The metal bits look “metal” and the aluminum grain enhances the detail across the board. In practice, we discovered a holographic effect that was an unintended artifact of increasing the ink saturation to increase the color vibrancy. If you stand to one side of one of these brushed aluminum prints you see one set of details. If you move to the other side, you see a different set. The effect is really quite amazing.

Two sizes are available—23″ x 47″ or 26″ x 57″—and both come complete and ready to hang.  These aren’t up on the site yet (but very soon) so please use the Connect feature to get a hold of me if you’re interested. Press run is limited to only 25 and costs (not including shipping) are $655 for the 47″ and $995 for the 57″. These come ready to hang right out of the box and include the mounting cleat and wall stand-off already installed. All you need to do is attached the wall cleat using the included hardware and hang your print. Easy peasy.