Group 44 TR4 and 4A Prints

When I was teenager growing up in Southern California, once a month (or so), the TSOA (Triumph Sportscar Owners Association) newsletter would arrive in the mailbox. For a young man growing up in the SoCal car culture of the 60s the TSOA was a salacious a publication as there was—often filled with the racing exploits of Bob Tullius and his other Group 44 drivers. I learned to drive in a ’61 TR3 that my dad owned (red on red w/overdrive) and with every story of Bob winning a race or championship I imagined myself up on the wheel of my own TR, dueling with all of those foolish enough to challenge my imagined dominance on the track. Alas, while I may have turned a few hot laps in my day, they were nothing compared to the racing perfection of the Group 44 cars.

The Sports Car Art Group 44 TR4 illustration is representative of the car as it was run circa 1965. As with any race car, details—contingency decals, engine set-ups, tires and the like‚ varied from race to race as the process of improving performance was constant as were the oft needed repairs so without a series of photographs of the car at particular point in time, it’s impossible to make it exactly as some may remember. I’ve been blessed with the assistance of former Group 44er, Steve Knoll, in getting the details as close to right as we can. The TR4 illustration was made possible by both his recollections as well as his valuable photographic library of those heady racing days.

Included in the Group 44 print series are the TR4 and  TR4A. The TR4 (Sebring), TR250, TR6, and TR8 will be available soon.

$145 – $195,  Press run – 25