Greenwich Concours Wrap-up

Youza! What a show! This year’s concours was absolutely spectacular featuring hot rods, a Concours d’Lemons, and an SUV class in addition to the more traditional fare of classics. There was truly something for everyone. Coupled with the unusually decent (for mid-October) weather, it all made for a fabulous weekend. As a seller, I especially appreciated Hagerty’s field layout that interspersed the vendors with groups of cars so each of us was blessed with a full compliment of attendees. Also unusual was my opportunity to actually see the show field and take a few snaps although minding the store still limited my browsing. I was also happy to be able to meet a few of my regular clients along with some socializing with some of my other vendor pals. If you haven’t taken in Greenwich in a while, get it back on your list of must-see events for 2022. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed you went.