Dan Gurney Signature GT40 MKIV Art

Have you ever had one of those moments when you unintentionally verbalized something you thought you were just thinking? I recently experienced such a moment during my visit to All American Racers.

I was standing in Dan’s office with his son Justin and Doug Buchanan from Garage Graphics, looking at a very cool poster from the 1967 LeMans race with a profile view of the GT40 and a black and white image of Dan spraying champagne in the background. It was a really great looking piece and included Dan’s signature in the bottom right corner. Justin and I had previously discussed having me draw his dad’s LeMans winning GT40 MKIV, creating a partner print to the 16′ Eagle display already hanging at AAR. Standing there, I mused, “Wouldn’t it be great to be able to include Dan’s signature on the GT40 art”?  Except, I hadn’t just thought it…I had actually said it.

Much to my surprise (Doug’s too), Justin said, “I think we can do that.” Well, you could have knocked me down with feather. There wasn’t much time to fully consider what had just transpired. We wrapped up in Dan’s office and resumed our tour.

Later that evening I sent a note to Justin laying out what I was proposing—10 large scale displays, 25 brushed aluminum composite prints, and 25 archival prints—all one-time limited edition pieces, asking for his approval to include his dad’s signature on each piece. Honestly, I’m not sure what I expected to hear back. The whole string of events was so improbable and the initial decision so immediate, it wouldn’t have surprised me if Justin had reconsidered and I wouldn’t have felt badly if he had. You can imagine my complete surprise when I received an e-mail response the next morning saying that he and Evi were all good with my request. I guess you really never know unless you ask.

And that, friends, is the story of how I came to be able to offer these very special and very limited edition prints and displays of Dan Gurney’s LeMans winning Ford GT40 MKIV, complete with Dan’s signature in the bottom right…just like the poster I had seen in his office. The artwork isn’t complete quite yet—I anticipate finishing up about mid-June—but I’m accepting deposits that will lock you in for your numbered and signed illustration. Each print or display will include a Certificate of Authenticity unique to only this artwork.

Dan Gurney Signature GT40 MKIV Artwork, From $215 – $4395

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