C2 Corvette Prints

C2 Corvette limited edition fine art prints are available in either 12" x 24" or 18" x 36" sizes in all factory exterior and interior colors for both convertible and coupe for all years and all powertrains.

Well, this marks something of milestone for me…my first non-British car, a C2 Corvette. And, if you’re going to start drawing non-British sports cars, America’s sports car is a good place to begin. Truth be told, I’ve always appreciated the C2 for its combination of great looks and ample power. Drawing it has been an adventure though—from the MG TC to the Jensen-Healey and Jaguars, British cars all share in some similarities, a sameness I’m very familiar with. The Corvette represents completely new ground for me and, to celebrate that, I’ve made some changes to my illustration style to better compliment the car’s design and features.

The Sports Car Art C2 Corvette print is available for all years, body styles, and powertrains as well as with a substantial list of factory and period options with which you can further customize your print.

Illustrations are printed on acid-free, museum quality paper using naturally pigmented inks for a rich, vibrant color and incredible detail. Prints are available in all factory for exterior and interior colors.

Press run 200   Price $125-$175