British Automobile Industry Map


Ever wonder where a few of your favorite British automobile industry manufacturers were located?

Well, wonder no more.  I drew this map showing the locations of most of the major manufacturers and suppliers to the post-war (1948-1980) British automotive industry as part of an aborted book assignment. I always like the piece and decided to update it to include a few of the more important missing companies: AC, Aston-Martin, Bristol, Caterham, TVR, Daimler, Elva, Frazer-Nash, Marcos, Riley, Singer, Armstrong, and Girling. I know that’s not every company that was operating at the time but that’s as many as I can comfortably fit on the map. When you think about how many there were it’s amazing to consider that the bulk (maybe all) of the British sports car industry occurred within about a hundred mile radius. Now that’s some concentrated manufacturing.

Updated maps are sized 18″ x 18″, will be printed on matte paper using naturally pigmented inks and will be available July 18th. As with everything I draw, these will be a limited edition item (press run will be 100), each map will be numbered and signed. Price is $45 not including mailing costs.