AAR—An All American Story

Incredible. Awesome. Amazing. Pick your superlative and it still won’t be enough to adequately describe the aura surrounding All American Racers. AAR is so packed full of racing history and Dan Gurney’s memorabilia, it would take days, maybe weeks to really go through it properly. Doug Buchanan (Garage Graphics) and I were extremely fortunate to have 4 hours of Justin Gurney’s time for a personal tour and we did our best to absorb as much as we could. Truly special.

One thing that really stands out is that, for all of its history and nostalgia, AAR is a throughly modern organization with a deep past that they take great care to honor in everything they do— to the point that the original shop is still used in the restoration of various cars that Dan raced.

Besides the cars, there’s a great picture of Dan (circa 1950s) in a ten gallon hat just prior to taking off for a trip to the salt flats, a shot of long-time wrench, Phil Remington’s, work station which they’ve preserved exactly as he left it, and a few more that really speak to the incredible history packed into AAR.

There’s a lesson here in the value of remembering our history as a guide to our future and keeping us firmly anchored in our past as a way to light our road on the way forward.

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