1965 Shelby GT350

In 1965, to prove the new Mustang’s performance, Ford decided to go SCCA racing. To qualify for the production car series, they needed to homologate their Mustang coupe and shipped a number Wimbledon White cars off to Carroll Shelby and his Shelby-American outfit in Venice, California for modification. The result was the Shelby GT350R (for race) a purpose-modified Mustang that soon began to tear up the SCCA production series. A number of the GT350s were sold for the street but differed little from the race version other than the deletion of the roll bar and addition of stock Mustang bumpers and special edition Shelby wheels.

I offer both the GT350 and GT350R version as open edition or limited edition (numbered and signed) prints or, by special order, brushed aluminum prints and large-scale fabric displays in sizes up to 192″ wide.

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