New! C1 Corvette Art

The birth of an American Icon.

The 1953 Corvette was a less than spectacular start to a car that would ultimately come to define the American sports car. Underpowered and overpriced, Harley Earl’s vision of an American two-seat sports car relied largely on off the shelf components and was almost entirely hand built on a make shift assembly line. Following tepid sales for the three years it was in production, the Corvette program was nearly cancelled. The 1956 model rescued the car that would go on to become a uniquely American icon.

My C1 Corvette prints may be purchased showing the convertible top, the optional hard top, or with the top stowed and are available in any of the factory exterior and interior colors as as with any of the factory options. Also available is a very special 10 print run of the 70th anniversary edition C1 in the same white exterior over red interior as the first 300 cars.

C1 Corvette prints may be purchased as:

  • Acid-free archival prints in two sizes—22″ x 16″ (framed or unframed) or 30″ x 20″ (unframed only)
  • 30″ x 20″ framed canvas prints
  • 47″ x 23″ brushed aluminum prints (special order only)
  • Backlit or unlit large-scale dye-sublimated prints (up to 30′ x 10′, special order only).

From $349