Volvo P1800, 1800S, 1800E, and 1800ES

Built from 1961 through 1973 the Volvo 1800 was marketed as a touring car although I think one would be hard pressed to not consider it a sporting car. The first 6,000 cars were built by the Jensen Company in the UK until quality control issues caused production to be moved to Sweden. Rebadged as the 1800S (for Svierge), Volvo’s sports model saw a number of improvements over the life of its production including larger engine displacements, fuel injection (1970), and the introduction of a shooting brake with the now famous, all glass tailgate…a feature that would go on to be included in the modern C30 which owes it design directly to the P1800.

The Volvo 1800 is available in all models—P1800, 1800S, 1800E, and 1800ES—with all gearbox versions (including the automatic) being offered. Your 1800 art may be ordered in any of the factory color combinations as well as with any of the factory or period accessories. A limited number (25) of prints are available as:

  • Framed or unframed archival prints on acid-free paper using naturally pigmented inks in sizes 22″ x 16″ or 30″ x 22″
  • On canvas in size 30″ x 20″ (framed only)
  • On brushed aluminum using translucent ink in size 47″ x 23″
  • As backlit or unlit large-scale, dye-sublimated prints in sizes up to 14′

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