Porsche 356 75th Anniversary

Porsche 356 75th AnniversaryShadow and Light

Hard to imagine that it’s been seventy-five years since Porsche introduced the beloved 356 to the world. Harder still to fathom that it was not particularly well received by the buying public. Had it not been for the racing and rallying community that found competition success and popularized the “bathtub”, it might not have made it in continuous production until 1965 when it was replaced with the 911 and 912 models.

Porsche 356 75th Anniversary prints are available framed or unframed as an archival fine art print sized 16″ x 32″, printed on brushed aluminum using translucent ink, sized 23″ x 47″, or as a large-scale dye-sublimated print in sized 38″ x 88″.

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