MGB 1962-80

From 1962 until 1980 the MGB dominated British sports car sales in the U.S. Introduced to replace the MGA, the MGB was an immediate success offering such niceties as roll up windows front disc brakes, and functional weather equipment. Built on a semi-monocoque frame, The B was as sturdy as it was fun to drive and easy to maintain. Beginning in 1975 and continuing through 1980, the MGB included a number of safety and styling changes, to one degree or another, mandated by U.S. safety regulations. While the most obvious among these changes are the rubber bumpers and the raised ride height, in the United States the engine itself became subject to ever more rigorous emission standards resulting in steadily decreasing horsepower until 1980 when the power rating was a meager 62.5BHP (down from the pre-1975 rating of 109BHP). Despite the power loss and questionable style changes, the MGB remained wildly popular until British Leyland ceased producing the car.

Prints—MGB illustrations are available as fine art pigment prints in:

  • 22″ x 16″ size—limited edition unframed, limited edition framed
  • 30″ x 20″ size— limited edition unframed
  • brushed aluminum prints sized 47″ x 23″ by special order only
  • dye-sublimated large-scale backlit or unlit prints sized 80″ x 38″ or 96″ x 47″ by special order only

Options—Prints may be ordered in any of the factory exterior and interior trim colors, with any of the factory available engine and gearbox packages as well as any available factory options. Custom options will be considered upon request.

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