Datsun 240Z

The year is 1968 and its early fall in SoCal. I’m high school senior growing up in Riverside and working part time for a neighbor who volunteers at Riverside International Raceway on the weekends. It’s Saturday and I’m headed over to my neighbors to go to work and what do my eyes behold when I walk up the driveway? What must have been one of the very first 240Z’s to hit the states, about to be a gift to the winner of that weekend’s race. It’s a memory that has stayed with me of a truly ground breaking car.

Art work will be completed on or about July 22nd. Press run will be limited to 25 prints. Reserve yours now.

Datsun 240Z prints may be purchased as:

  • acid-free archival prints in two sizes—22″ x 16″ (framed or unframed) or 30″ x 20″ (unframed only)
  • 30″ x 20″ framed canvas prints
  • 47″ x 23″ brushed aluminum prints (special order only)
  • or backlit or unlit large-scale dye-sublimated prints (up to 30′ x 10′, special order only).

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