Cunningham Jaguar Lightweight

There’s a great story told to me about the #14 Cunningham Jaguar. Briggs Cunningham brought several lightweights to the 1963 LeMans race—two that were fuel injected and one that was naturally aspirated. The fuel injected car qualified ahead of the carbureted version but caught fire during a practice session. Not wanting to waste the starting position, the pit crew swapped numbers with the #13 car, but it all came to naught when the Lightweight’s gearbox failed an hour into the race.

  • 16″ x 32″ framed or unfrmed archival print using naturally pigmented inks
  • 23″ x 47″ brushed aluminum print using translucent inks
  • Back lit or unlit large-scale dye-sublimated print sized 14′ x 7′

These limited edition prints are numbered, signed, and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

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