Austin-Healey 100S Coupe

Donald Healey’s personal 100S coupe may be the most iconic of the Austin Healey 100 models. Recently sold at Bonham’s for a price equivalent to the GNP of a small country, this one of only two examples of a factory built coupe is currently on loan from its owner to the Austin Healey Museum in the Netherlands. Built on a late BN1 chassis, the coupe has a custom interior that includes a radio, heater, very unique door panels and a few other special touches. Under the bonnet is a mostly stock 100S motor (although painted red, presumably to match the exterior) with the addition of a heater bib and a few other tweaks.

Donald didn’t spare the options as the coupe included the 4-wheel disc brakes from the 100s roadster, an overdrive gearbox, and side exit exhaust. This must have been the ultimate daily driver, befitting the head of a legendary auto maker.

Prints—Austin-Healey 100S Coupe illustrations are available as archival prints in:

  • 22″ x 16″ size—limited edition unframed, limited edition framed
  • 30″ x 20″ size—limited edition unframed
  • brushed aluminum prints sized 47″ x 23″ by special order only
  • dye-sublimated large-scale backlit or unlit prints sized 80″ x 38″ or 96″ x 47″ by special order only


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