It’s A Tiger!

I have only myself to blame. When one of the members of the Sunbeam Tiger Facebook page suggested it would be cool for me to illustrate the famous Targa Florio car after he posted some pics of the little red rocket, I just couldn’t resist. Both the race and the car were really great stories and I was intrigued by both. I was lucky to get to work with Dave McDermott (current owner of the actual car) on the Targa Florio illustration. Over a period of many weeks Bill spent quite a number of hours, patiently coaxing me through the numerous unique and important details.

It wasn’t long after, I received a request from another Tiger owner to illustrate his race car and, with it, came another opportunity to learn more about racing Tigers. I have another one on my schedule due out some time next month.

Wrapped around the two race cars were a spate of Tigers for a variety of folks—five in all—until it seemed I had one on my drawing board just about every week. Not that I’m complaining. A fella could do a whole lot worse than having to illustrate one of Carroll Shelby’s inspirations. Thanks to each and every customer for helping me update things and correct small, but important, errors that existed in the original artwork.

Following are a few of the Tigers along with the Targa Florio car that started it all. To all who ordered…again, thanks. It was a blast to draw all of these.